Brianne's Story: The Power of an MBA Network

Monday, December 19, 2016

Brianne Mathew, Class of 2016, doesn’t only aspire to climb the corporate ladder. She makes it happen.

“I’m on my fifth job in five years with Union Pacific. I guess when you save the company $3 million, you gain some visibility,” she says with a smile.

When Brianne started the Midland MBA in August 2015, she was working in a role created specifically for her by Union Pacific. While there, she often interacted with leaders at the company and quickly discovered that the competitive environment in a Fortune 500 company required more than just motivation.

“You have to have the education to back it up,” she says.

Brianne graduated from UNO with dual degrees in History and Spanish and spent the early part of her career writing grants for a nonprofit. When she moved into the for-profit sector, she realized that her previous education was not enough for her to continue to move up the ladder in corporate America. She needed an MBA, but she didn’t have time for traditional business school.

"I couldn’t commit to after work twice a week or regular meetings,” she says. “But I had also done some undergrad work online and it’s just so impersonal.”

During her search for the right program, Brianne attended the ICAN Women’s Leadership conference and learned about how the Midland program is unique.

“I liked the hybrid program,” she says. “That was the first time I’d seen anything like that.”

One thing Brianne has learned in her time in the Midland MBA is that she’s not just gaining a degree; she’s gaining new relationships, both with classmates and with professors. As her career has grown and she’s gained an understanding of the inner workings of a business, she values those relationships even more. She says specifically about her professors, “They have real world experience. They’re actually in a position I hope to attain one day.”   

Her classmates have also been excellent resources. Some come to her for advice on career growth, and she’s able to go to others who are already leaders in their company and ask advice from them. Among the most valuable lessons she’s learned from her classmates:  never let career growth cause a rift in your working relationships.         

“Never let that competition tarnish the relationships you’ve built in your career,” she says.

As her time in the MBA comes to a close, however, Brianne’s future growth is at the forefront of her mind. In one phrase, she says, “I want to be a leader at my company.”

With four promotions and an MBA in six years, Brianne is positioned to accomplish her goal.

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