Students will complete 33 credits in core course areas and 9 credits from the elective categories below to complete the 42-credit Midland MBA.

Recent updates (summer of 2019) to our course offerings include the addition of Project Management, Cost Management, and an additional elective block. These improvements allow our students to graduate with in-demand certificates like Project Management Professionals (PMP) and Six Sigma while also having a greater variety of class offerings through one additional elective block.
Full course descriptions

Foundational Core (12 credits)

The foundational core is designed to assure that all students have a master's level understanding of four core concepts before proceeding to advanced coursework. The coursework may be partially waived via the professional experience path for students who can demonstrate significant accomplishment in any of the following areas.

Required Advanced Core (18 credits)

The required core expands on foundational concepts to create a functional understanding of advanced business competencies. Every Midland student will take the following 3-credit courses, and will progress together in lock-step:

Business Consulting Capstone (3 credits)

Business today is more complex and challenging than ever before. This course deals with the determination of strategic goals and objectives for an organization, along with the methods used in framing corporate challenges and opportunities using a strategic management perspective. These topics are covered in depth through partnering to complete real world projects with business partners. Strategic management focuses on analyzing the organization itself in an objective manner as well assessing its environment and establishing strategic recommendations that will help perpetuate the organization into the future. Managerial problem-solving develops a foundation for critical thinking and then applies it to the organization through case analysis and hands on learning during a term long consulting project which will be an integral part of this course. Additionally, the ability to work within a team is increasingly important in today’s business climate.  This course will also focus on teaming aspects through reflection and outside reading.

Electives (9 credits)

Students will have the opportunity to take 9 credits of elective course work to develop their skills in areas of particular interest. Completion of two elective courses in a specified topic area will complete the requirements for concentrations. Specific elective offerings vary from year to year, but have included:

Transfer Credit Policy

Have previous graduate level business credit? Those seeking to transfer in completed graduate level credit work may request a transfer credit evaluation to determine which courses may transfer into the Midland MBA. All credit must have been earned in the last seven (7) years with a B (3.0) grade or higher for transfer consideration per the Midland University general transfer policy. Students are required to complete, at minimum, 60% of graduate credit through courses at Midland University.