Consulting Capstone

The Midland University MBA program is designed to produce graduates that demonstrate highly developed analytic and communication skills, a strong ethical foundation, and mastery of the tools and concepts it takes to be a respected leader in business. Throughout the course of the MBA program, Midland emphasizes the importance of nimble problem solving-skills and cultivating an understanding of how economic factors can impact business at home and around the world. 

As a final step before graduation, our students are challenged to lead capstone consulting projects that bring their professional experiences and the many analytic skills they have developed during the course of the program to bear on real-world projects, to be defined in collaboration with a host company and a faculty advisor. From this work, they will develop on going work product, a consulting report, and present this analysis to their host company.

The end result of this experience for the student will be an expanded skill set as a problem solver as they practice quickly analyzing a situation, helping to define the scope of a project, bringing relevant research and analysis to bear on a situation, and then presenting findings to an informed audience, while making a real contribution to an organization involved in work relevant to their careers.

Past Projects

Our corporate partners help provide real-world experiences for our students. Past projects have worked with companies such as Valmont, ConAgra, CBRE, and CSG International, consulting on projects such as new market entry and new product rollout, financial modeling for developing markets, and internal corporate development

Students will develop analytic and presentation skills, as well as a project portfolio to take with them during an in-depth final consulting experience that functions as an MBA capstone.

Career Focus

The Midland MBA is committed to growing skills that graduates can apply directly to their careers. The Consulting Capstone allows for students to learn about the practicalities and difficulties of managing major projects at a global firm.

To learn more, read about Midland MBA almuna Jessica Janssen’s experience in the course.