Omaha's Only Hybrid MBA: How will you learn?

The hybrid MBA degree program at Midland University combines the best of in-person and online learning -- designed for people with responsibilities beyond going back to school.


To help build connections with classmates and professors, students meet in-person every third Friday afternoon and Saturday in Omaha. This time is devoted to case-based learning and discussion of real-world examples and situations, to develop students' understanding of business applications in a networked environment. 


Every Saturday during distance, students will have the opportunity to log-in for live class with their professors and classmates where they will have the opportunity to ask questions in a webinar environment.  Attendance for online sessions is optional, and all online classes are recorded, so students may watch (or re-watch) the recorded session whenever it works best for them.

Why the Midland MBA?

Real-World Learning

Learning from real-world practitioners of business, you will be able to immediately put into practice the new frameworks learned in your MBA and understand how they apply to current examples of business successes and failures.

Flexible Schedule

With a hybrid MBA, you can take advantage of your classmates' experiences during in-person exercises while still enjoying the flexibility of the online components to help you build a manageable school-life schedule.

Professional Network

Seeing classmates and professors in-person every third weekend will help you build a strong network and make life-long friends as you move through the program as a cohort.  Working together over distance will help you maintain relationships, though you will only meet in-person approximately once a month.

Accelerated Opportunities

Complete your MBA in as little as 16 months, without pausing your career. If you can demonstrate significant accomplishment in a relevant discipline, you may also earn prior credit for up to 8 credits toward your MBA as you start the program!

Global Connections 

Every student will have the option to spend two weeks abroad or to remain home working with a US-company with global operations to consult on a project developed in partnership with the host business and a faculty advisor.

Become a Leader

Midland's MBA program is geared to produce graduates that demonstrate highly developed analytic and communication skills, a strong ethical foundation, and mastery of the tools and concepts it takes to be a respected leader in business.