Midland University MBA Sees Record Enrollment for Fifth Straight Year

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The current class of The Midland MBA is the largest in program history, paralleling the record enrollment at Midland University this fall. This cohort will graduate in December 2017, roughly 16 months from their August start. Students come from a variety of industries, however, three-quarters of them work in business roles. They have spent an average of more than eight years in the workforce with the majority holding and transitioning to managerial roles.

Among the many ways The Midland MBA distinguishes itself is its connection to the business community. MBA faculty bring a wealth of experience from Fortune 1000 companies across the country, ranging from Walmart in Bentonville or Cargill in Minneapolis, to First National Bank and Mutual of Omaha. And while faculty come from all across the country, students tend to be local, with nearly nine in ten working for major Omaha employers such as Union Pacific, Bank of the West, and Kiewit Corporation.

“The response we have seen to our program from the Omaha business community is especially gratifying,” said Raymond Sass, Dean of The Midland MBA. “We built and modified this program to tie directly to the workforce needs of businesses in our community, and our growing enrollment among corporate partners is an important indicator of the value they see in our approach to business education.”

Students rely on the hybrid structure of the program to manage busy lives while pursuing new career opportunities through school. Nearly two-thirds of the current cohort are married, and over half have children.

Their dedication pays dividends, however. When they graduate in December 2017, they will enter a thriving network. Over half of Midland MBA students earn promotions after entering the program.

Midland’s strong support of young professional development and women’s leadership has manifested itself in exceptional numbers for both. Well over half of the Class of 2017 are under 35, and one in ten of those have already advanced their careers just ten weeks into the program. Nearly half of the current cohort are women, placing Midland on the leading edge of gender equality in business schools. Additionally, women receive an even greater career lift from the program than average, with over a third receiving promotions.

If you are ready to pursue accelerated career opportunities with this rapidly growing cohort of career-focused individuals, you have several options that can fit your schedule. With our multiple entry points to the program throughout the year, you’re never more than ten weeks away from getting started. Contact Admissions at Admissions@MBA.MidlandU.edu or call (402) 941-6226 to take your first steps toward a brighter career.