MBA for Life Program Helps Midland MBA Graduates Stay Ahead For Life, Tuition Free

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

As published in the Omaha World Herald.

David Mischal, 2015 graduate, started a new job after receiving his MBA and quickly realized his role would involve project management. He returned to Midland University to sharpen those skills and took two project management courses tuition free as part of the MBA for Life program.Lifelong learners know that education is not all about professional advancement – the business world moves at rapid speed. The most effective businesspeople 

are willing to continue learning long after they receive their degrees. The MBA for Life program offers MBA graduates the unique opportunity to continue their education in Omaha after graduating without additional tuition costs.

Mischal’s decision to further his education helped set the direction of his career.

“The first project management class provided the opportunity to obtain PMP certification. This class related directly to my job. The second project management class focused on business process methods. I left that class with the desire to continue learning about Scrum. This led to me to come back to Midland University Omaha for Scrum Master Certification training. I utilize those skills every day in my role as a Scrum Master.”

The MBA for Life program is the result of alumni requesting ways to continue to learn and engage at Midland. Midland University responded quickly with this innovative program allowing students to brush up on skills or learn new ones through elective courses as their career needs change five, 10 or 20 years down the line. Elective courses offered each year are based on student interest and market demand.

“The rapid pace of change in the workplace today makes it crucial for professionals to continually update their skills,” says Jody Horner, Midland University president. “Our MBA faculty bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into the classroom, and our alumni are able to access that resource deep into their careers.”

The MBA for Life program also helps facilitate a smoother transition for graduates. Unlike other universities, Midland University graduates know they’ll receive continued support and educational opportunities from their alma mater forever.

“Once you’re a Midland graduate, you’re a student ‘for life,’ and we are excited to continually have new offerings that can take them even further into their careers,” says Todd Conkright, dean of the Dunklau School of Business.

MBA for Life students can pursue elective courses that can earn them highly sought-after certifications, such as the Project Management courses, where students earn Six Sigma Yellow Belt designation and become equipped to sit for the Project Management Professional (PMP), CAPM or ACP exams. Courses continue to be added in relevant areas based on feedback from Omaha organizations.

“As we’ve continued to evaluate our curriculum, we’re excited to add courses in areas growing in importance to the business community,” Conkright says. Courses soon to be added will include Human Capital and Business Intelligence, providing two new areas of concentration within the MBA program.

“This program has provided me the opportunity to continue enhancing my skills as my career grows,” Mischal says. “The faculty’s practical knowledge and real-world experience deliver an exceptional resource for alumni to help advance their career with the benefit of additional networking opportunities and even visits to Omaha companies. Having the chance to see how companies are actively driving results is exciting, and I wouldn’t have had the chance if it weren’t for this program.”

The MBA for Life program is unlike anything else offered in the Omaha metro area, benefiting not only graduates but also the companies for which graduates work, Conkright says. As industries rapidly evolve, he says, it is lifelong learners who are best positioned to adapt and succeed.