Student Profiles

Students in the Midland MBA are from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, allowing them to share lessons learned from challenges in their respective fields.

Let one of our students, Brianne Mathew, tell you about her experience in her own words.

You can hear more from our students directly by reading the profiles below, coming to one of our events, or letting us know if you'd like to connect with any of them personally.

Brianne Mathew  Brianne Mathew

Union Pacific Railroad
Intermodal Auto Parts Custom Care Manager

"[The professors] have real-world experience.
They're in a position I hope to attain one day.

George JarjourJaime Briganti

Seen On Screen TV, Inc
Chief Operating Officer

"When I flew in for orientation,
it just seemed like what I was looking for."

Robert Blacklidge  Robert Blacklidge

Ikigai Investments | A Traveler's Fiat 
Founder/Owner | Director of Marketing

"I learned how to do a business plan in class
and started my own company."

Jaime BrigantiJaime Briganti

Lutz Financial Services, LLC
Client Service Representitive

"I can go into meetings now and say,
'I know how to solve this problem.'"

Aaron Luneke   Aaron Luneke

Foundation One Bank
CFO & VP of Finance

"Time is a finite resource,
and this program capitalizes on that."

Jessica Janssen Jessica Janssen

Midland University
Vice President of Development

" ...[faculty] expertise and real-life experiences
have been incredibly valuable."

Jake Skinner   Jake Skinner

First National Bank of Omaha | FITness Into a Lifestyle
Loan Specialist Supervisor & Trainer | Owner & Founder

"I was able to apply some of those teachings
directly to a business of my own."

Megan Finn   Megan Finn

Great Western Bank
Business Banking Manager

"I know I wouldn't have gotten this promotion
as quickly as I did."

Jeff Talkington   Jeff Talkington

Knowledge Universe 
District Manager

“The hybrid format was easily
the biggest benefit for me..."