Midland University MBA faculty are experts in their fields, currently connected to what it takes to succeed in business today. They help students map the governing theories of their disciplines and bring the material to life with real-world examples of business successes and failures taken from experience in their careers as business leaders.

In addition to their impressive backgrounds, our MBA faculty share a passion for teaching, and a desire to help students succeed as they develop their business skill sets.

You can learn more about our faculty below.

Avi Atholi Avi Atholi | First National Bank of Omaha

First National Bank of Omaha
Vice President of Data


"I see them at the end [of the program] as a confident, competent businessperson who’s ready to solve the next problem."

Andrew Sherwood | Mutual of Omaha

Andrew Sherwood

Mutual of Omaha
Project Manager
Project Management

"There is a wide gap between current state business education and real world applicability, and I have a passion for helping to bridge that gap."

Bill Bennett Bill Bennett | Walmart

Senior Director of Pricing Strategy


"Students are able to have a family life, focus on their career, and put their schoolwork wherever they need to."

Jill Slupe | Verde MartinJill Slupe

Verde Martin
Founder & CEO


"This format gives me more freedom to manage my career while teaching...and the same is true with students"

Joe Schmidt | Mutual of Omaha

Joe Schmidt

Mutual of Omaha
VP of Finance & Operations, Midtown Crossing

"Students understand not only the logic behind what we're teaching, but also see the execution..."

Ed IveyEd Ivey | 16C Consulting

Lead Consultant


"... strategy helps influence decision-making in a way that encourages big picture thinking."