Course Description

Entrepreneurship for Intrapreneurs

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and how to use them to launch new initiatives, drive innovation, and lead with inspiring ideas. You will meet several successful entrepreneurs during in-class sessions, and learn from their personal experiences. You will be provided with tactics on how to effectively look for entrepreneurial opportunities within your organization, and then navigate the system to find support and begin working on these solutions.

During the class, you will identify a problem in your industry or opportunity for your organization to focus on. You will be working independently and in teams to develop potential solutions to this problem, and building an entrepreneurial plan for consideration. For those students continuing on with a certificate in entrepreneurial leadership, you will have an opportunity to develop the plan further both in other MBA classes and an independent self-study guided by an entrepreneur as your mentor.

This course counts towards the Entrepreneurial Leadership concentration.

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