Course Description

BUS 671 Strategic Communication

Great leaders need more than great ideas; they must use ideas to inspire, motivate, and connect.  This course will demonstrate the strong link between communication and leadership, and will help students develop the oral, written, and non-verbal skills needed to communicate effectively.  The course will present frameworks for audience analysis and message construction and delivery, and will address the use of story and the concept of the “elevator pitch.”  Cases and in-class exercises will  give students the opportunity to practice preparing concise, persuasive presentations, emails, and memos for decision makers, employees, and customers, and will develop their ability to think and speak under pressure.

BUS 672 Global Business & Consulting Capstone

Business today is more globally connected than ever before.  Even when a firm’s customer base is primarily or entirely domestic, business operations are almost always connected to or impacted by a global supply chain.  This course will take a three-pronged approach to global business competency.  First, we will seek to deepen students’ understanding of macroeconomic theory that is, in essence, without borders.  Here, we will examine measures and determinants of a nation’s wealth and growth, and the impact different policy approaches have on issues like inflation and unemployment.  Second, several case studies will be used to highlight the vital role that formal and informal institutions play in facilitating commerce by reducing the uncertainties and risks that discourage trade and investment.  Third, we will address strategies for doing business globally, whether the firm’s target market is at home or abroad.  Students will have the option to experience global business operations first hand during a two-week consulting project as part of this course.

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