Course Description

BUS Management & Leadership

Effective management involves building teams, setting strategic direction for the enterprise, and establishing the ethical boundaries for the organization.  To do this, managers must have a broad understanding of how organizations function, know what drives the people who operate within them, and believe in an ethical framework that will help to guide small and large decisions.  This course provides an introduction to these topics through a series of cases, readings, and discussions that draw from the experiences of students in the class.  Topics include incentives and motivation, organizational design, social and business networks, change and learning, and ethical decision making.

This course also outlines a leadership paradigm adapting to the present worldwide fundamental change in management/leadership philosophy and practice, and the shift from command-and-control to information-based organizations.  Emphasis is on generative versus reactive thinking techniques, learning to see in new ways, and taking actions to make positive things happen.  It helps the students develop into future leaders who perceive and think clearly, handle complex changes, and design and lead knowledge-creating organizations.  Major elements are power, creativity, self-mastery, dynamic case studies and application.

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