Certificate Programs | Conditions

For all scholarships:
  • All scholarships will be allocated according to Midland University policy, which may not be a uniform distribution across all terms, and will be contingent upon remaining in good academic, financial, and disciplinart standing with the University.
  • Students may qualify for the discounts below OR any preferred partner or corporate discounts OR any event-specific scholarships, whichever results in a higher discount.
  • The development grant is intended for students who enroll in the full four course certificate program. Enrolling in fewer than four courses with Midland University will lower the grant amount proportionally.
  • Grants or scholarships may not be directly combined with scholarships to the full MBA program, unless expressly waived.
  • Midland MBA alumni do not qualify for the scholarships listed below, but may enroll in coursework as part of their MBA for Life enrollments.