Preparing for the 21st Century Job Interview

With graduation for many MBA programs just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking ahead to your next job interview.

Faculty Profile: Ed Ivey

Edit: Since publication, Professor Ivey has joined the consulting firm Add Ons, Inc., as a Functional Consultant in Finance.

Ed Ivey is President at 16C Consulting LLC in Denver, Colorado. Ed earned his MBA from Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business, and has been involved in ERP consulting for over 15 years. He teaches Corporate Strategy in the Midland MBA program.

How Helping Others Makes You a Better Leader

For John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co., a company that helps businesses with branding and thought leadership, “helping others can allow you to differentiate yourself and naturally attract people to your brand in a meaningful way.”

Frequently Asked Questions: The Midland MBA

Frequently-Asked Questions: The Midland MBA

Over the past few months, several of our blog posts have answered frequently-asked questions that potential applicants have had about the Midland MBA program.

To help guide potential applicants, we've created an index of all of the FAQ posts that we've written since we started publishing here on our blog. You can find each question, a brief summary, and a link to the full post below:

Prerequisites for the Midland MBA

Starting your MBA application can often feel like a long list of prerequisites and papers to submit. Here at Midland, we’ve streamlined our application process and structured a program that doesn’t rely on prerequisite courses or standardized exams. Unlike most other programs, the Midland MBA does not require a business degree or any prerequisite classes for admission to the program—something we’re asked about quite frequently. 

bill bennett

Faculty Profile: Bill Bennett

Update: Since the publication of this interview, Bill has been promoted to Director of Pricing Strategy.

Update 2: Since publication, Bill has been promoted to Senior Director of Pricing Strategy.

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to interview several students and professors involved here in the Midland MBA program. You can find our interview with Bill Bennett, a professor here at Midland, below.

aaron luneke

Student Profile: Aaron Luneke

Update: Since publication, Aaron has accepted a position as CFO & VP of Finance at Foundation One Bank.

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to interview several students and professors involved here in the Midland MBA program. You can find our interview with Aaron Luneke, a student here at Midland, below.

Hi, Aaron. To start, tell us a little bit about yourself—what’s your professional experience thus far, and where are you currently employed?

millennials working hard or hardly working

Millennials: Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

Younger employees are lazy, lack a strong work ethic, and aren’t willing enough to put in time at the bottom of the organization. That’s at least what a recent study commissioned by Bentley University and conducted by KRC research says.

The Art of Business Communication

The Art of Business Communication

Never forget you’re there to “sell trees,” because that’s what the interviewer wants to buy.

The Softer Side of Business

The Softer Side of Business

The business world is tough. It’s fiercely competitive, it’s stoically unforgiving, and it’s relentlessly fast-paced. It might not be a stretch to describe the iconoclastic successful business professional as a “hard-nosed” executive who always gets their way.