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4 Ways to Know If You Have a Great Business Idea

According to Business Insider, over 543,000 new businesses are started up each month. What’s equally astounding is their statement that more than 65% of jobs created since 1995 have been the result of small businesses. If you’re thinking about starting up a new business, you’re not alone.


How to Kickstart Your Kickstarter Campaign

Crowdfunding your ideas instead of seeking traditional VC funding has a number of distinct advantages. It helps you build a customer base, gives you immense access to funding (and maintenance of equity), and validates your idea before even going to market. 

5 Ways to Publicize Your Personal Brand

Today, more and more employers are turning to data available online about potential hires prior to making a hiring decision. At the same time, a great number of professionals are benefitting from network building online. 

Student Profile: Jake Skinner, Midland MBA Class of 2014

Good evening, Jake. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

"I finished my undergraduate degree in May of 2011, and I've worked at First National Bank in Omaha for the last three years. I started out as a Teller, but then moved to a job as a Loan Specialist. Recently, I was promoted to a supervisory role where I also handle training."

What motivated you to go back to school?

Making LinkedIn Work for You

With over 300 million users (100 million in the United States) and an average of 190 connections per user, LinkedIn is easily the most powerful networking tool around today. 

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Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business Network

In a nutshell, the power of LinkedIn is that it shows you who you know who “knows someone.” That idea was introduced by Michele Jennae of The Conncectworker, who wrote that “The power of a network can be reduced to its simplest form in 'I know someone who knows someone who knows someone,’” and it couldn’t be truer with today’s tools.

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Student Profile: Megan Finn

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to interview several students and professors involved here in the Midland MBA program. You can find our interview with Megan Finn, a student here at Midland, below.

Good morning, Megan. Can we start by talking about your background?


Corporate Ethics and Business Impact

Most corporations, if asked, would describe themselves as “ethical.” Recently, talk of corporate ethics and “corporate social responsibility” has been frequent. Even so, it’s hard to create a list of rules that define exactly what constitutes good ethics. 

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Discover, Develop, Publicize: 3 Keys to Maintaining Your Personal Brand

While the term was first brought into the mainstream by Tom Peters in 1997, the idea of the “personal brand” has gained more and more attention since social media came around. The advent of social media has made developing your brand more critical, and broadcasting it to a wide audience more achievable.

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Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs

There’s good news for entrepreneurs: it’s easier than ever to get your idea in front of a mass audience to get funding for your business. According to “The Crowdfunding Industry Report” by Massolution, crowdfunding platforms raised more than $2.7 billion and funded more than a million ideas in 2012.