Student Experience: Why I Chose the Midland MBA

Every day for the last seven months, my five-year-old daughter has asked me the same question as I pick her up from daycare: “Are you a master yet?” Shortly thereafter, her not-quite-three-year-old brother asks the same question, but with not quite as crisp diction.

George's Story: The Value of the Hybrid Schedule

Most people work 40 hour weeks. George Jarjour, Class of 2016, is used to 80. “I’ve cut it back to 60 so I can study,” he concedes with a smile.

Before George began Midland University’s hybrid MBA program, he was already a hardworking young executive with a travel schedule that kept him too busy for full-time school, even though he knew he needed it. By finding the right program for him, he hoped to be able to grow his skills and experience, while fitting school into his demanding schedule.

Faculty Profile: Avi Atholi

For Midland MBA professor Avi Atholi, teaching comes naturally.

“I like influencing people and I like seeing people’s potential being maximized,” he says. “I’ve always looked at myself as a maximizer of potential, so if I can influence minds and shape their thought process that has always been something I have looked out for.”

Student Experience: Better Together

“Eat your children before someone else does.”

On our first day of Corporate Strategy, Professor Ed Ivey used that particularly evocative metaphor to help describe Apple’s strategic choice in 2014 to cannibalize their own products with larger iPhones. They were losing market share to larger phones from rivals like Samsung, so they chose instead to lose market share to themselves. It led to record iPhone sales in 2014, while Samsung’s sales flagged.

Robert's Story: An MBA for Entrepreneurs

Robert Blacklidge began his entrepreneurial career very early. He started selling candy as a way of getting a little extra spending money.

In the sixth grade.

“I’ve always had that drive, you know?” Robert says.

Electives, Customized

            At Midland, we’re invested in creating programs and courses that maximize value for both our students and the companies they serve. From the hybrid structure to the real-world professors, the program is engineered to develop students’ practical skills in the classroom and help them apply those skills as quickly as possible. The elective process is designed with this same goal in mind.

Student Experience: First Term Jitters

By Jack O'Connell, Midland MBA Class of 2017

I am an MBA student.

That’s a phrase I never thought I’d hear myself say, but now that I can, I couldn’t be more proud.

I finished my first term of the Midland MBA about two weeks ago, and now that our mid-year break is over and my second term is beginning, I’ve decompressed enough to reflect on how my decision to go back to school has affected me, personally and professionally.

Jaime's Story: An MBA for your Full-Time Life

Immediately after graduating from college, Jaime Briganti had her sights set on her career, despite her parents' encouragement to continue her education.

“My mom and dad have always pushed me,” she says. “You need to go get your Master’s, you need to do this, you need to do that. I think everybody hears that.”


Perfectionism: The Silent Killer of Achievement

More business professionals than you might suspect suffer from “perfectionism.” It’s not that uncommon. Even Steve Jobs has been repeatedly lauded for demanding perfection from his employees and company. However, there’s a difference between striving for the best and being paralyzed by perfectionism.


Finding a Champion to Close Your Deal

Two years ago, Microsoft made a huge investment, giving Barnes and Noble $300 million for a stake in the Nook business. Just last week, Barnes and Noble bought out Microsoft for $125 million, effectively costing Microsoft half their investment in under 24 months.

Both big and small deals get made in business every day. So, how do you effectively influence decision-makers to move your own agenda forward?