Faculty Profile: Andrew Sherwood

Andrew Sherwood, faculty member for the Midland MBA and the newly-launched Project Management Certificate program, provides a unique teaching experience that arises from his personal, professional, and academic backgrounds.

“My professional experience has really helped me to identify some of the best needs that classes can help fill,” said Sherwood.

Student Experience: Variety in the Program

Just days past one year into my MBA, and I’m already more than halfway done.

Some of my classmates and I were discussing our progress at our most recent in person session. All of us remember our previous school experiences, and we recall how everything seemed to go on and on. Weeks dragged into semesters dragged into years, and it just felt never ending.

Complete Your MBA with a Real-World Consulting Experience

When students enter the Midland MBA, they are starting on a path to reach their potential as business leaders. At graduation, all are set up to succeed in this goal, and to help their employers succeed as well. One of the ways this is accomplished is through the Global Consulting Capstone, the final step on the road to graduation that allows students to both synthesize all that they have learned and directly apply it as a global consultant.

Student Experience: Getting Out of My Own Way

MBA students tend to be overachievers. They drive themselves to succeed in school and at work, including earning their MBAs in the first place. I was no different in that I always tended to achieve academic success, but I never really pushed myself to truly achieve the way many of my classmates have.

Brianne's Story: The Power of an MBA Network

Brianne Mathew, Class of 2016, doesn’t only aspire to climb the corporate ladder. She makes it happen.

“I’m on my fifth job in five years with Union Pacific. I guess when you save the company $3 million, you gain some visibility,” she says with a smile.

Student Experience: Why I Chose the Midland MBA

Every day for the last seven months, my five-year-old daughter has asked me the same question as I pick her up from daycare: “Are you a master yet?” Shortly thereafter, her not-quite-three-year-old brother asks the same question, but with not quite as crisp diction.

George's Story: The Value of the Hybrid Schedule

Most people work 40 hour weeks. George Jarjour, Class of 2016, is used to 80. “I’ve cut it back to 60 so I can study,” he concedes with a smile.

Before George began Midland University’s hybrid MBA program, he was already a hardworking young executive with a travel schedule that kept him too busy for full-time school, even though he knew he needed it. By finding the right program for him, he hoped to be able to grow his skills and experience, while fitting school into his demanding schedule.

Faculty Profile: Avi Atholi

For Midland MBA professor Avi Atholi, teaching comes naturally.

“I like influencing people and I like seeing people’s potential being maximized,” he says. “I’ve always looked at myself as a maximizer of potential, so if I can influence minds and shape their thought process that has always been something I have looked out for.”

Student Experience: Better Together

“Eat your children before someone else does.”

On our first day of Corporate Strategy, Professor Ed Ivey used that particularly evocative metaphor to help describe Apple’s strategic choice in 2014 to cannibalize their own products with larger iPhones. They were losing market share to larger phones from rivals like Samsung, so they chose instead to lose market share to themselves. It led to record iPhone sales in 2014, while Samsung’s sales flagged.

Robert's Story: An MBA for Entrepreneurs

Robert Blacklidge began his entrepreneurial career very early. He started selling candy as a way of getting a little extra spending money.

In the sixth grade.

“I’ve always had that drive, you know?” Robert says.