Jaime's Story: An MBA for your Full-Time Life

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Immediately after graduating from college, Jaime Briganti had her sights set on her career, despite her parents' encouragement to continue her education.

“My mom and dad have always pushed me,” she says. “You need to go get your Master’s, you need to do this, you need to do that. I think everybody hears that.”

She certainly found success this way, even earning herself a company award. The trip she took to California to accept the award was successful in a different way.

“I met my husband,” she says, then she laughs. “It’s silly, but it was love at first sight.”

Soon after getting married, Jaime found that she had hit a glass ceiling in her career. She knew she had reached a point where she needed something extra to move on and up.

She began researching MBA programs. She went to each of the programs in Omaha and interviewed them.

“Some of them had a really great programs,” she says, “but they just felt so cold and there was no real relationship there.”

After hearing about Midland’s hybrid MBA Program, she met with Raymond Sass, the Dean of the program.

“Raymond explained the program,” she remembers. “You don’t have to take a GMAT. It’s an interview process based on your work experience. Well, I have tons of work experience, so it was a no-brainer.”

During her first term, Jaime remembers being nervous. She was going to class with people she didn’t know, asking for time off work, and investing a lot of money. There was also the family to worry about.

“But I knew I could work along with it,” she says, “because it’s business-minded and geared toward anybody who’s a professional. That’s perfect for me, since I do have a full-time job and I do have two full-time kids and a full-time husband.”

By the end of that first term, Jaime came to value the diversity of experience that the other students brought to class. Her background is entirely finance, so she was always fascinated by the differences in perspective when working with a student with a healthcare or technology background.

This has brought tremendous value to her own workplace as well.

“I can go into meetings now and say, ‘I know how to solve this problem,’” she says.

Jaime’s first term also showed her the power of a great professor. She says Professor Avi Atholi brought so much more than just expertise in Economics.

“Professor Avi said in the very beginning that you have to keep thinking about the next steps and how you’re going to use your MBA to launch yourself into the next part of your career,” Jaime recalls.

Professor Atholi is not alone in this philosophy. In Financial Management, Professor Bill Bennett asked the students to come prepared to talk about their future plans and how they could use their new knowledge to advance. During her research for that topic, Jaime found a career that really excites her.

“It’s called a paraplanner,” she says. “Certified financial planning takes a year worth of schooling, but doing a paraplanner to see if I even want to go that route is my next step.”

That's Jaime's road forward. Let us help you find yours.

Hear from Jaime in her own words below or learn more about our students here.

Midland University offers Omaha’s Only Hybrid MBA program, mixing a unique blend of in person and online classes to fit the busy schedule of a full-time professional. You’re never more than nine weeks from getting started on the road to advancing your career. Contact Admissions to learn more about scholarships and start dates.

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