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Prior credit Midland MBA
Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Midland MBA program is a lock-step, cohort-based program. That means that students move through all courses in the curriculum together. This is beneficial for students because they get to develop a robust network as they work together from the beginning, sharing expertise and relative strengths with each other as they move through some material that is familiar, and other material that is new.

By taking all the same core courses in the first two terms, students have a common base on which more advanced courses in the curriculum build. However, the Midland MBA does not have prerequisites, which means that those with no business background at all can enroll in the program.

To ensure that those with a business background are not bored, and those without a business background can get an adequate introduction to new topics, Midland University offers the “prior credit path.”

Here are a few frequently-asked questions about prior credit in the Midland MBA: 

How does the prior credit path work? 

Because courses in the MBA program build directly upon each other as students move through the curriculum, having a firm understanding of early course topics is critical for a student’s success in the program. 

For most students, even those who have taken business courses before, taking the full version of each course makes the most sense so they can re-acclimate to being a student while ensuring they have a master’s level understanding of all material.

For those students with significant, recent experience in one or more subjects covered in the first two terms, however, the prior credit path will help them have a “softer” (read: “less work”) start to the MBA program so that they can avoid reviewing subjects they already know well. 

For example, a student who studied accounting at the undergraduate level, and who currently works as an accountant, may already be comfortable with the skills and principles taught in the Financial Accounting course in the first term of the Midland MBA. In that case, Midland University offers prior credit.

What work will I do for the course if I take the prior credit path?

Students in the prior credit path will participate in one credit-hour worth of work in the course(s) for which they are approved. This will usually consist of participating in a group project and possibly a small independent study project with their professor.

Upon satisfactory completion of the project, the student will earn three credits, satisfying the requirements of the corresponding MBA course.

I was an undergraduate business major and I have taken several accounting courses; can I just waive out of the Accounting class?

No—Midland University does not award graduate-level credit for prior undergraduate course work. We recognize that prior undergraduate course work may be helpful to students as they progress through the MBA, and recommend that those students interested in doing so apply for the prior credit path. This will give them a reduced work load during the course, and help ensure that their understanding reaches the master’s level, preparing them for more advanced courses later in the MBA program.

Is prior credit available for any subject in which I am experienced?

No—prior credit is only available for the following courses:

·      Financial Accounting

·      Managerial Economics

·      Marketing Management

·      Statistical Models

These courses form the core curriculum of the Midland MBA program; from here, students will build on these concepts in more advanced coursework.

Does Midland University accept transfer credits from other programs?

At this time, Midland University does not accept transfer credits from other programs into the Midland MBA. Students who have transfer credits may apply for prior credit through the process detailed here if they would like to seek credit for prior classes taken.

If I believe I am eligible for prior credit, how do I go about applying?

Students who wish to apply for prior credit must submit three things:

1.     The prior credit form

2.     The syllabi of any relevant courses

3.     Any relevant official transcripts not already submitted, for any courses to which you would like to apply prior credit

Once all of this information is submitted to the MBA program office, we will review this previous work and work with you to find the best path forward.

Our goal in requesting the documents above is to ensure that every student is well-poised for success in the MBA program, as more advanced courses build on the first core courses. This requires that students’ understanding reaches the master’s level. 

Students and/or applicants who have questions about prior credit within the Midland MBA, or who would like to discuss individual qualifications for prior credit, can reach out to us directly in the comments or via email at or phone at 402-941-6517, and we would be happy to tell you more.


photo credit: davidsilver via photopin cc 

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