Prerequisites for the Midland MBA

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Starting your MBA application can often feel like a long list of prerequisites and papers to submit. Here at Midland, we’ve streamlined our application process and structured a program that doesn’t rely on prerequisite courses or standardized exams. Unlike most other programs, the Midland MBA does not require a business degree or any prerequisite classes for admission to the program—something we’re asked about quite frequently. 

Not requiring a business degree or business classes helps us bring people from different backgrounds into our program. This diversity of backgrounds and experiences bring great value to the program, broadening all students’ understanding of business applications and problems. 

To help ensure that everyone reaches a master’s level understanding of business quickly, regardless of previous business training, Midland uses a prior credit program. Using that approach, business professionals with prior experience in the first few courses will work independently with a professor on one credit-hour worth of relevant work, while those who are new to the subject will work through the normal course path. This ensures that everyone—regardless of business background—reaches the same level of understanding, while still making efficient use of every student’s time. 

In addition, applicants to the summer 2014 class are not required to take the GMAT. While the GMAT is one tool for assessing preparedness for success in business school, it’s not the only one. Past experience, references, and transcripts also give great insight into the candidate’s likelihood to succeed, without adding an additional application hoop to jump through. At Midland, we’re focused on getting a strong group of working professionals into the program without these extra requirements.

In short, no, there are no prerequisite classes, and for the time being, there is no GMAT requirement for admission to Midland’s MBA program. We pay close attention to candidates throughout the application process, and are committed to enrolling a well-rounded, experienced group of students who will drive each other to succeed throughout the course of our program.

For more information on the application process for the Midland MBA, please see our introduction to the application process here. You can also reach us via Twitter @MidlandMBA, or through our website. We’re always here to answer questions and would be happy to help walk you through the application process if you have any more questions or concerns. 

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