The Midland MBA Price Point: Factory, or Faculty?

midland mba price point
Thursday, January 2, 2014

When discussing the value of an MBA, it’s hard not to talk about cost. Even though the value of an MBA goes far beyond salary increases—additional benefits range from networking to increased patience and persistence—cost is still a significant factor in students’ decisions to invest in an MBA.

At Midland University, an MBA costs $830 per credit hour—more than many online programs, but significantly less than most Executive MBA programs around the country. Although we don’t call ourselves an Executive MBA program, we’re far from an all-online program, and our costs reflect that. We are driven by our professional faculty and students, and find that the structure of our program sets our graduates up for success in ways that other MBA programs don’t. 

All-online MBA programs can be valuable, but they fall short in terms of many of the benefits offered by hybrid or traditional MBA programs. You may have several hundred classmates located around the world, making true group projects difficult, and limiting the connections you could develop with your classmates and professors. In addition, networking is an essential element of earning your MBA, which is increasingly difficult in an all-online program.

The Midland MBA’s cohort model falls on the opposite end of the spectrum, much closer to a traditional or Executive program. Students in the Midland MBA program will work together from the outset, building off of each other’s skills and bringing together many different perspectives to create a tight-knit cohort. This model offers students ample opportunity to network, creating a lifelong group that students will be able to reference and contact throughout their entire career. 

What’s more, sticker cost doesn’t tell the full story. With the Midland MBA, you don’t have to leave your job to get your degree—you can continue to work full-time while you’re in school, significantly reducing the opportunity cost of earning your master’s. The cost of our program is also offset significantly by our generous scholarship program, making the monetary investment into earning your MBA much lower than you might expect.

Here at Midland, we offer students the accessibility of an online program, with all of the benefits of an in-person Executive MBA. Our cost reflects our placement on that spectrum, and the many benefits you’ll gain—monetary and otherwise—from earning your master’s make an investment in the Midland MBA a valuable investment in your professional future. 

The Midland MBA is a program taught by professionals, for professionals. You’ll emerge with a strong network, with experience consulting and working on a global project, and with the educational foundation you need to succeed in the business world. We’re not a factory that produces master’s degrees without in-person benefits—we’re a faculty- and student-driven hybrid program that’s accessible to busy professionals.

If you’d like to learn more about the Midland MBA or if you have questions about anything else that we mentioned here, feel free to contact us in the comments, via email at, by phone at 402-941-6517, or through Twitter @MidlandMBA. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.


Photo credit: Leeanna Ellis via Washington County Pilot-Tribune

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