Frequently-Asked Questions: The Midland MBA

Frequently Asked Questions: The Midland MBA
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Over the past few months, several of our blog posts have answered frequently-asked questions that potential applicants have had about the Midland MBA program.

To help guide potential applicants, we've created an index of all of the FAQ posts that we've written since we started publishing here on our blog. You can find each question, a brief summary, and a link to the full post below:

What is a hybrid MBA?

A hybrid MBA blends in-person learning with online, distance learning; at Midland, students meet in the classroom every third week, and can log into live online classes during distance weekends. Hybrid programs blend the benefits of online learning--namely, flexibility and the ability to learn at your own pace--with the benefits of in-person learning--networking, team building, and more. 

What is the application process for the Midland MBA?

The application process for the Midland MBA is made up of two parts: a written application, and an interview. The online application includes basic personal information--name, address, undergraduate information, etc.--as well as a personal statement, a resume, and a reference form (not letters of recommendation). After that application is complete, we will reach out to you for an in-person interview.

Does the Midland MBA have any prerequisites?

No, it does not. Unlike many other programs, the Midland MBA does not require a business degree or prerequisite classes; we strive for a diverse student body which brings many backgrounds and experiences to the program, broadening all students' understanding of business applications and programs. In addition, for the summer 2014 class, we have waived our GMAT requirement.

How is the curriculum organized in Midland's MBA program?

The Midland MBA's cohort-based curriculum is divided into four main parts: the waivable core (12 credits; 8 waivable), made up of Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, and Statistical Models; the required core (18 credits), made up of Management & Ethics, Operations Management, Managerial Accounting, Financial Models, Decision Models, and Corporate Strategy; electives (6 credits), encompassing classes like Accounting & Financial Services, and Entrepreneurship; and Global Consulting and Strategic Communication (6 credits), a final-term consulting project with a company with global operations. 

What is the price point of the Midland MBA?

The Midland MBA costs $830 per credit hour--more than many online programs, but significantly less than most Executive MBA programs around the country. Here at Midland, we offer students the accessibility of an online program with all of the benefits of an in-person Executive MBA, and our cost reflects our placement on that spectrum. In our program, unlike many others, you don't have to leave work to earn your degree. What's more, the cost of our program is also offset significantly by our generous scholarship program, making the monetary investment into your MBA much less than you might expect.

Does Midland University's MBA offer any financial aid? 

Yes. Thanks to the ongoing support of generous donors, the Midland MBA is able to offer extensive scholarship opportunities for the 2014 MBA class. In addition, graduate students in Midland's MBA program are eligible for federal student aid regardless of income. 97% of our students have been eligible for federal aid which, when combined with the scholarships offered by Midland, covers the full cost of the MBA program.

Does Midland offer any credit for previous business classes? 

While we do not award direct credit for previous coursework, to ensure a valuable usage of the time of those with a business background, we offer a "prior credit path." Using the prior credit path, students who have completed relevant coursework or have extensive experience in topics covered in the first two terms may apply to take a 1-credit version of the related course and be awarded three credits upon completion.

What kind of work-life balance can I expect while earning an MBA from Midland? 

Finding a proper balance between work, life, and school during any MBA program is going to be a challenge no matter how the course is laid out. Midland's MBA program provides busy professionals the opportunity to earn their MBA without leaving work full-time, which many other programs do not. Our program is designed to be accessible to business professionals with a desire to succeed and grow in their careers, but who have other committments outside of school.

Would you like to learn more about the Midland MBA, or do you have a question about our program that wasn't answered here? Don't hesitate to reach out to us in the comments, via email at, by phone at 402-941-6517, or through Twitter @MidlandMBA. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.


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