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Friday, July 1, 2016

            At Midland, we’re invested in creating programs and courses that maximize value for both our students and the companies they serve. From the hybrid structure to the real-world professors, the program is engineered to develop students’ practical skills in the classroom and help them apply those skills as quickly as possible. The elective process is designed with this same goal in mind. Rather than have a set group of electives determined solely by Midland, we rely on our professors and students to submit and refine which electives best meet their needs and help them reach their goals.

The process is simple, but unique to Midland, so an explanation seems useful for students. First, we welcome proposals from interested faculty members on classes they’d find interesting to teach and useful for students, refine those for students, and allow each student 10 bid points to distribute amongst those proposals. The number of elective proposals varies from year to year, but our current students had over a dozen interesting courses to bid on. Whichever proposals receive the most bids are opened for registration that year. If a proposal doesn’t have enough interest from the student body to run that term, it may be used for bidding in a subsequent year.

Since each cohort chooses their own elective offerings, we have the flexibility to run the courses that are most interesting to that group, and don’t guarantee that any specific course will run every year. That being said, several our past electives have proven interesting to students most year, including Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Financial Strategy for Value Creation, and many others. These and other electives can be combined to fulfill the requirements of any one of three concentrations currently offered: Finance, Accounting, and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

While electives play an important role within the MBA, they now add value beyond the MBA itself. With the addition of the groundbreaking MBA for Life program, this field-specific learning can extend well beyond your short time as a student in the program.

In the past, students were limited by the electives available during their time as students. Now, with the introduction of the MBA for Life program, Midland MBA alumni are able to return to take classes that they may have missed or were not offered during their short time as a student. Did you want to take Project Management but couldn’t because you’re pursuing your Finance concentration? Now you have that option. If your career changes, if you have new areas of passion, or if you just want to keep your mind active, new elective offerings will be here for you. Take a break, enjoy your well-earned time off, and return when you’re ready to expand your knowledge to a new area, tuition free. Whether that happens in one year or twenty, you’ll be a welcome addition to our elective courses, and we’ll be able to help you . The Midland MBA is invested in creating value for you long beyond the courses you take as a student.

To learn more about the Midland MBA, continue to explore the website or contact Admissions at Admission@MBA.MidlandU.edu or (402) 941-6226.

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