Complete Your MBA with a Real-World Consulting Experience

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

When students enter the Midland MBA, they are starting on a path to reach their potential as business leaders. At graduation, all are set up to succeed in this goal, and to help their employers succeed as well. One of the ways this is accomplished is through the Global Consulting Capstone, the final step on the road to graduation that allows students to both synthesize all that they have learned and directly apply it as a global consultant.

In the capstone, teams of Midland MBA students are paired with globally focused firms to help solve a real business problem. Students have worked as consultants in this fashion with firms as varied as Union Pacific and Dundee Venture Capital, among many others, to deliver solutions with immediate value for their companies. Functioning as a consultant in this way allows all students to gain experience informing high-level strategies, and apply that experience into diverse industries and disciplines.

One student who directly gained from this experience is Josh Steele, Class of 2016. Josh worked with his own employer, Kiewit Construction, on one of their international business segments. He and his team spent time working with Kiewit executives to help the firm understand the financial and strategic implications of remaining in or exiting a foreign market.

“Working first-hand on the strategy and development of international projects is such valuable experience,” Josh says. His teammates, though they don’t work for Kiewit, all agreed. The experience they gained working on consulting projects carried over into their own industries as well, such as better understanding what decision makers want in new employees.

The modern business world is more globally connected than ever before and having experience working in markets beyond the United States is invaluable. Students both on the Kiewit project with Josh and across the capstone have benefitted from the program’s global focus.

This type of strategic experience is broadly applicable across industries, allowing career advancement today and tomorrow. Jessica Janssen, Class of 2014, worked with ConAgra foods and soon firms contacted her about senior level leadership positions. Having experience in a high-level strategic project gave her the knowledge she needed to be successful in those roles.

The capstone project allows students to work with decision makers at large companies and make the connections that are so vital for career growth. Climbing the corporate ladder requires knowing the influencers at a company, and capstone creates that opportunity.

“I feel like the executives we met with are going to have conversations with people several levels above me in my division, and those people knowing what I’ve been working on is a huge advantage for me,” Josh says.

Being able to say he has that strategic consulting experience, Josh says, is equally important as knowing those influencers. The opportunities to gain that kind of high-level analysis are few and far between, and capstone has put him in a great position to move to the next level of leadership.

The curriculum at the Midland MBA is designed from the ground up to be immediately applicable outside the classroom and enable students to make high level contributions to their firms from the moment they begin the program. The Global Consulting Capstone is one more tool Omaha’s only hybrid MBA uses to prepare their students to be the business leaders of today and tomorrow.

To learn more about the Midland MBA and put yourself on the fast track to success like Josh and Jessica, continue to explore the website or contact Admissions at or (402) 941-6226.

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