An Introduction to the Midland MBA Application Process

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The hybrid MBA program we offer here at Midland University is meant to build off of your professional and academic achievements, providing you with the education and experience you need to further your career.

The application process for this type of program could easily be a simple application, but here at Midland, our application process reflects the same focus on your professional and academic achievements as the Midland MBA itself.

In our application process, we ask for your resume and references to touch on your professional experience, and transcripts and a personal statement to understand your academic qualifications. This becomes a tool to help us better understand your career goals and professional achievements, and how you would contribute to the class as an individual.

There are two main steps in the application process—the written application and the interview. So that you can have a better idea both of what to expect when applying, and of what we’re looking for in our candidates, you can find information on each step below.

The Application

The application itself is made up of two phases, and can usually be completed in an afternoon. Have a look at the different parts below:

·      The online application form. The online application form is the first step in our application process. In it, we get your basic personal information—name, address, undergraduate information, etc. Once this form is complete, you can move on to submitting the following documents to

·      A personal statement. For your personal statement, we want you to—in no more than 950 words—explain your career goals, your progress in achieving those goals, how earning an MBA from Midland University will advance your career goals, and lastly, what you can bring to the program. Why are you interested in an MBA from Midland University? What can you bring to the program that we wouldn’t get elsewhere? Your personal statement is your chance to tell us in your own words why the Midland University MBA is right for you.

·      Your resume. In your resume, we’d like you to highlight your employment and educational background. Please note that we’re looking for a condensed version—around 1 page—highlighting your strengths. Longer resumes are acceptable, but try to make the resume you submit as brief and succinct as possible.

·      The reference form. The final step to your written application is your reference form. We are not looking for letters of recommendation. Instead, we would like you to download our reference form and submit it via email. For your two references, we’re looking for recommenders who have worked with you in a professional setting. At least one should be someone who has, or has had, direct supervisory responsibilities over your performance. In lieu of a second professional reference, you may submit an educational reference if necessary.

After the application itself, the second step in the application process is an interview.

The Interview 

Once all of your written application is complete, we will reach out to you for an in-person interview. In the interview, we’ll discuss your application, and your interest and fit within the Midland University MBA program. This gives us the opportunity to get you know you on a more personal level, and rounds out the application process. Once your interview is complete, we will make our admissions decision. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis—you can see our deadlines here. There is still time to apply to start in our next class.  

Thanks to continued donor support for this program, everyone is guaranteed a Graduation Grant covering 100% of the last term’s tuition (worth $5,000).  What’s more, for the current class, we’ve waived the GMAT requirement. The sooner you apply, the better.

If you have any questions about the Midland University MBA application process, feel free to reach out to us in the comments, on Twitter @MidlandMBA, or through our website. We’re always here to answer questions and would be happy to help walk you through the application process if you have any more questions or concerns.


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