4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Hybrid Courses

Friday, December 13, 2013

Research published in the U.S. News and World Report last year said that hybrid learning is a highly effective way to learn. In their words, “students who utilize interactive online learning—or hybrid learning—produce equivalent, or better, results than students participating in face-to-face education.”

To expand upon the idea that hybrid courses and programs are an effective way to learn, which we’ve previously discussed here on our blog, we’ve compiled several reasons why we believe hybrid courses provide great opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing their MBA.

The four advantages you see here are particularly beneficial to busy professionals who want the benefits that come with an in-person education, but who can’t stop life for the rigorous in-person schedule that traditional MBA programs require. Have a look below:

1. You get the flexibility you need

Hybrid courses are great for those who are unable to commit to a traditional school program due to frequent travel or other work- or family-related commitments. 

Traditional schooling is not always possible for everyone, and Midland University takes these kinds of considerations into mind. Several factors help make our MBA program so flexible:

  • Every Saturday, you will have to option to log in for live class with your professors and classmates.
  • The live class gives you the opportunity to ask questions in real-time via voice or text chat.
  • Live attendance is optional, so students may watch (or re-watch) the recorded session whenever is best for them.
  • In-person courses happen every third Friday afternoon and Saturday, so you don’t have to commit to class in-person several times a week like you would with traditional programs.

2. You get to hone your technical prowess

Hybrid courses use multimedia formatting to expand the learning experience. Learning to use the online programs utilized in our classes allows you become more acquainted with computer technology, giving you the advantage of mastering many tools and skills that will continue to be useful well into your career.

Along with honing your technical abilities, our online program helps to increase your skill in multiple modes of communication, something that is often overlooked in the traditional classroom setting.

3. You have the opportunity to network

Hybrid courses provide ample opportunity for you to build connections with your classmates and professors during in-person class sessions, which happen every third Friday afternoon and Saturday.

At Midland University, we believe that building a strong network is very important—not only because it fosters a community among you and your peers during the length of the program, but also because it allows you to make life-long friendships with likeminded individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

Meeting in-person at class one or two weekends a month, the Midland MBA allows a flexible schedule alongside these networking opportunities.

4. You get the best of both worlds

Above all, hybrid courses provide you with the best of both worlds. The blended curriculum allows you to take advantage of your classmates’ experiences during in-person exercises, while also permitting you to enjoy the flexibility of the online components—an integral part of helping you build a manageable school-life schedule.

Designed for people with responsibilities beyond going back to school, our 16-month MBA degree program offers the best in in-person and online learning. 

Interested in learning more? Contact Midland University today. Our Admissions Staff would love to speak more with you about the Midland MBA.


Photo credit: College of William & Mary Law Library via photopin cc

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