Terms and Conditions

For all scholarships:
  • All scholarships will be allocated according to Midland University policy, which may not be a uniform distribution across all terms, and will be contingent upon remaining in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing with the University.
  • Students may qualify for the discounts below OR any preferred partner or corporate discounts OR any event-specific scholarships, whichever results in a higher discount.
  • Scholarships are intended for students who enroll in the full fourteen courses of the Midland MBA. Enrolling in fewer than fourteen courses with Midland University will lower scholarship amounts proportionally.
  • Scholarship levels are determined during the first year in which the student enrolls and awarded for the entirety of the program. 

Visit Day Grant
  • Students who attend Class Visit Day on November 11, 2017 qualify for a $1,000 grant.
Privacy Policy
Personal or contact information gathered from prospective students will be kept by Midland University until the student chooses to opt-out. Any data provided may be used for admissions purposes, but will never be sold to an outside party