Terms and Conditions

For all scholarships:
  • All scholarships will be allocated according to Midland University policy, which may not be a uniform distribution across all terms, and will be contingent upon remaining in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing with the University.
  • Students may qualify for merit-based scholarship support OR any preferred partner or corporate discounts, whichever results in a higher discount.
  • Scholarships are intended for students who enroll in the full fourteen courses of the Midland MBA. Enrolling in fewer than fourteen courses with Midland University will lower scholarship amounts proportionally.
  • Scholarship levels are determined during the first year in which the student enrolls and awarded for the entirety of the program. 
Early Action Grant
  • All students beginning their MBA in the MBA terms listed below and complete their application by the Early Action application deadline will qualify for a $1,000 Early Action Grant in addition to any merit-based scholarships awarded.
January Deadline October 1, 2018             
August Deadline February 15, 2019

Privacy Policy
Personal or contact information gathered from prospective students will be kept by Midland University until the student chooses to opt-out. Any data provided may be used for admissions purposes, but will never be sold to an outside party