Application Instructions

Application deadline is Nov. 15Application Form

The first step to the admissions process is to fill out the online application:

Once you have completed this step, please submit the materials described below:

Personal Statement

Applicants should submit a personal statement to help us get to know you and understand why you are interested in furthering your education at Midland.  It should address the topics below in no more than two pages.

  1. Describe your career goals, your progress to date in achieving those goals, and how earning an MBA or certificate from Midland University will advance your vision for your career.
  2. How might other Midland students benefit from your background, experiences, and values?
  3. How have you served communities, groups, or organizations, both past and present, and how will further education allow you to strengthen those service contributions?


Applicants should submit a 1-page business resume highlighting their employment and education background. The employment section should include locations, titles, and dates. The education section should include dates of attendance and degrees received.


Applicants should submit a completed Reference Form providing current contact information for two professional references. These references should be people who have worked with you in a professional context. At least one reference must be someone who has, or has had, direct supervisory responsibilities over your performance. If need be due to limited work experience, the second reference may be an academic source.

We will contact your references directly.


Your interview with Midland admissions staff is a conversation about your interest in the program, intended to ensure that this degree can help you reach your personal and career goals. Interviews can be scheduled outside of traditional business hours when needed, as we accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals.

Please use the Interview Request page to schedule your interview with Admissions.

Optional Documents

Employer Sponsorship Form

Many employers have programs in place to help defray the cost of continuing education for employees.  Students intending to participate in such a program should submit the Employer Sponsorship Form with their employer’s information.  If you, or your employer, have questions about this tuition assistance, please contact Danielle Richter, Director of Marketing & Recruiting, at 402-941-6514 or

Prior Credit

Students who wish to apply for professional experience credit may submit the Professional Experience form and any relevant official transcripts not already submitted. 

Transfer Credit

Students who wish to apply for credit for previous graduate coursework credit must submit both the Transfer Credit Form and copies of any relevant unofficial transcripts. Official transcripts will be required before the awarding of any credit.

International students must submit the required documents above and follow the admissions guidelines for the university listed here.