Master of Business Administration | Midland University Hybrid MBA Program



Friday, February 17, 2017 -
4:30pm to 6:30pm
We welcome interested professionals to visit our new MBA campus location and vis...


Student Experience: Why I Chose the Midland MBA

Every day for the last seven months, my five-year-old daughter has asked me the same question as I pick her up from daycare: “Are you a master yet?” Shortly thereafter, her not-quite-three-year-old brother asks the same question, but with not quite as crisp diction.

Midland University MBA Sees Record Enrollment for Fifth Straight Year

The current class of the Midland MBA is the largest in program history, paralleling the record enrollment at Midland University

George's Story: The Value of the Hybrid Schedule

Most people work 40 hour weeks. George Jarjour, Class of 2016, is used to 80. “I’ve cut it back to 60 so I can study,” he concedes with a smile.

Before George began Midland University’s hybrid MBA program, he was already a hardworking young executive with a travel schedule that kept him too busy for full-time school, even though he knew he needed it. By finding the right program for him, he hoped to be able to grow his skills and experience, while fitting school into his demanding schedule.